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The Body Prosperity Program is Everything You Need to Start Feeling Like the Best YOU... NOW

"Being a part of this program has been life changing! I have a significant decrease in inflammatory symptoms and I feel awesome - even without caffeine and sugar! Dr. Martin’s program is easy to follow and the recipes are so delicious your whole family will eat them. She has organized it in a way that even the busiest working mom can make a meal everyday. I wish she could put a menu together for me every week!"

two-time detox participant

This 28-day life-changing program begins Friday, July 13th, 2018

The Body Prosperity Program includes:


A 28 day metabolic nutritional detoxification program based on the science of Functional Medicine and the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic        Medicine, created by Dr. Erin Martin.


Detoxification support supplements - These 4 ultra-high quality products have been customized specifically for this program to help replenish your body during detoxification.


Complete easy to follow protocol, recipes, and shopping lists designed to help you streamline your time while satisfying your taste buds.  We've done the thinking for you, just plug and play!


Life-changing curriculum designed to maximize your Energy, Health, Clarity and Desire. You'll be supported daily with bite-sized learning tools to help you gain personal insights in these important areas.


Online membership portal where the entire program will be delivered   And you'll have on-going access so you can repeat the program whenever you like, or start on your own if the course dates don't quite fit your schedule!


Daily education and support delivered to your inbox, with prompts, activities and resources to solidify your new habits and mindset and sky-rocket your success!


Private Facebook community where you can be supported by your fellow participants, be inspired, get motivated, and have accountability - all while being part of a community of people who value wellbeing as much as you do.

"My body was achy, my mind fogged and a chronic depression pretty much hangs over me most of the time. This is my 2nd detox and what it did to resolve most of my symptoms is simple, but huge to my livelihood and well-being. With a clear mind, work pressures are easier to resolve. Free of depression, I can communicate with the people I need to. I live more lovingly with my family. Reduced inflammation allows my body to move when and where I want it to. Like sitting on the floor to put on my shoes!"

two-time program participant

Your body is the gateway and most valuable tool you have to get what you desire and feel how you want to feel. The Body Prosperity Program will bring into alignment the energy, health and clarity you are looking for so that you can prosper in your life.

Features & Benefits

This program, designed by a medical doctor, is a powerful and transformative tool for your health, wellness, and life. Typical benefits reported by program participants include improvements in energy, sleep, digestion, skin, mental clarity, and healthy weight loss, in addition to decreased joint pain, inflammation, bloating, and headaches.

Fun & Easy

We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to! Simple to follow protocol and recipes for delicious and nourishing food, learn new life-giving habits, experience increased vitality, clarity, and purpose.

Dietary Concerns

The recipes and supplements are all gluten, corn, soy and dairy-free.  Some recipes contain meat but can easily be modified for vegetarians.


Master habits that will significantly increase your vitality through nutrition, mind-set, and tweaks to your daily routine.

Doctor Developed

The TrueClean diet and supplements are expertly created to help you obtain your optimal health in just 28 days!


So much more than just a cleanse, in this program you’ll understand not only the “why” but the “how,’” so you can live a life of vitality, energy, and joy.


We’re here to support you before, during, and after the program through our online community and private portal. Option for enhanced support.

Join us and make 2018 the year that you feel amazing in your body and have the energy and vitality to move the needle in your life towards your highest potential.

Register now, put July 13th on your calendar, and get ready to transform your energy, get some real clarity about what is important to you, and bring your health into alignment with what you truly want for yourself.

"Having struggled with unhealthy habits, self-discipline, unhealthy relationships, overall mood and bing addiction, making the commitment and succeeding at this detox program brought me an awareness level I couldn't have anticipated. I was able to recognize unconscious eating habits, excessive eating, excessive and obsessive thoughts associated with emotions, people, and food. In addition I found the value in menu planning and grocery shopping choices. The delicious food was accessible for the average cook. I am empowered to make choices for myself even when those around me don’t share my paradigm."


"I have ‘considered’ doing a detox for years and never felt comfortable, there seemed to be so many options out there and conflicting information. This program gave me the support and confidence I needed. This experience has been life changing. Yes, I still have more ‘to do’ but I have made long lasting changes to my diet and over-all health and wellness. Thank you!!!"


"Before I started the program, I was experiencing strong, constant gastric upset including diarrhea, constant headaches, achiness all over and trouble concentrating. Within the 1st week, my headaches faded, the diarrhea stopped and my stomach stopped burning. My concentration even improved. To top it off, my weight started dropping. Everyone in the program was very supportive and I felt like I was part of a new family. I’m feeling very good and hopeful for continued improvement as I move forward"


Eating on the Program

This 28-day program follows the TrueClean eating plan designed by Dr. Erin Martin. The delicious recipes are built around whole, fresh, seasonal foods — vegetables, fruits, and high-quality organic proteins — that will replenish your body of the vital nutrients required during detoxification. You will feel satisfied and energized as you nourish your body with optimal nutrition and develop sustainable clean eating habits you will use for the rest of your life!

About the Supplements

The supplements we recommend and include in the program are professionally designed and selected for optimal support of the liver, gastrointestinal system, immune system, and detoxification pathways. These ultra-high quality nutrients are all: Gluten-free, Vegan, Dairy-free, non-GMO, sugar-free, soy-free.

Detox-Renew: a high protein shake packed full of amino acids and the vitamins and minerals your body needs to continually replenish and replace the vital nutrients required for optimal detoxification and to help you feel satiated.

BioTrans Daily Detox Support: formulated to support the critical steps in the process of detoxification and provide antioxidant support to minimize the damaging effects of free radicals, as well as key nutrients needed for energy production.  

Gut Optimizer Probiotic: Contains researched and proven strains of bacteria to help support metabolism, intestinal health and repair, the immune system and detoxification.

Ama-X: Supports digestion, elimination and cellular rejuvenation using a combination of magnesium, cape aloe, and Triphala (a combination of astringent fruits used as a cornerstone of Ayurvedic medicine).


The Body Prosperity Program not only provides transformation within your body, the education and support you will receive throughout the 28-day program will help you develop powerful habits for increasing your energy and clarity, not only on a physical level but mentally and emotionally as well. High performance and positive psychology meet in our motivational coaching videos, downloadable worksheets, and daily email support. Following this life-changing curriculum will allow you to literally be, feel and act like a new, better version of yourself at the end of the 28-day program.

Topics include:

  • What you can do every day to generate more energy from the inside out
  • Mastering your mind-set for improved mental and emotional energy
  • The top dangers that rob you of energy and clarity, and tank your productivity and how to avoid them
  • Getting clear on what is most valuable to you so that you know exactly where to focus your time, energy, and resources - how to do MORE of what you want NOW
  • How to make decisive, needle-moving decisions that are in alignment with what you value most
  • Understanding your desires - getting clear about what you really want and how you really want to feel in your body, your relationships, your work, your mind, and your emotions
  • Clarity about your Super Powers - giving yourself credit where credit is due - what’s made you a success in the past and what’s going to propel you forward to realize your goals and dreams now and in the future (hint: they may not be the same thing)
  • And more….

Program Bonuses

In addition to the already robust features and benefits of The Body Prosperity Program, as a participant in the program you will receive:

3 Bonus resources to help make your program even EASIER

Resource #1: Meal Prep Hacks - fast, easy ways to streamline meal preparation for a successful detox, even if you’re busy.

Resource #2: Staying Social While Detoxing - No need to become a hermit just because you’re getting healthy.  We’ll give you some great tips for eating out, going on vacation, and attending celebrations while detoxing.

Post-Detox Food Reintroduction Protocol

Resource #3: You’ve done the hard work and cleared out the what?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We will show you how to gently reintroduce foods into your daily diet in a systematic way that will allow you to identify any possible food sensitivities and allow you to easily notice how foods affect you, even if you never noticed before.  Knowledge is power, and in this case it’s health as well!

"The Body Prosperity Program is a must do for anyone who suffers from many different health problems, inflammation, energy loss or just want to feel better. I have worked with Dr. Erin Martin in the past and knew of her commitment, her great knowledge and her huge heart, and I had absolutely great results over-coming issues that I had been told over and over again by other doctors, that it was just something I would have to live with and take medication for. That is not true, and Dr. Martin can prove that to you! The program she has designed has everything you could need. The education about your health is priceless, the recipes are outstanding, the supplements work great, (and coming from someone who has suffered many stomach issues, they do not cause me any problems at all), the support is awesome and very helpful, with daily emails, live calls and community support, and the modules can be a life changing experience. I loved the weekly live calls, but the most surprising thing I found were the modules. I was thinking, “I’m already detoxing, and now I have to do homework?” But, if you put in a little work, a little time and a whole lot of honesty with yourself, these modules can change your life and give you a much healthier and happier future for yourself and your family. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually. Dr. Erin Martin and Casey Weeks have dedicated their lives to helping others better theirs, and they have succeeded!"

Greg K.

"The Body Prosperity Program is so much more than I could have imagined! I signed up because I wanted to clean up my diet and learn some new healthy recipes. I had no idea how much more I was going to get. To start, the food was unbelievable. From the delicious protein powder for morning smoothies to potluck impressive meals I made for friends and family, I completely forgot I was on an elimination "cleanse" diet and just was generally excited about what I got to eat next. The supplements were hand picked and customized for the cleanse. It was amazing. On top of this, there were daily motivational and education emails. They were so in tune with what I was thinking and going through that I swear Dr. Erin Martin and Casey Weeks might be psychic. I signed up for the LIVE support and we met weekly, had Q&A, and talked through detailed questions about food, energy, moods and more. I learned so much and felt so supported, that there was no way to fail at any of this! In the portal, we also had 2 modules per week that consisted of audio to listen to and worksheets to do. These were activities that asked you to not just think of what you eat, but how you live your life. We worked on energy (how to have more), balance, meditation and mindset. For me, the results are clear. I am lighter, slimmer and more even-keeled. My skin feels healthier and more radiant. Adding in the energy-creating techniques taught by the program, I don’t need coffee to give me energy and I am no longer dragging at the end of the day, but instead able to put the kids to bed and clean up the house happily. All in all, I can only compare this to a full month long retreat where you are coached personally and fed by a staff. If you don't have the time and space in your life to take a month off and travel to a retreat center, the Body Prosperity Program is the next best thing. In fact, it might be more powerful because you’re learning and putting to use new skills and re-wiring old habits. I will recommend this to everyone I know!"

Tracy B.

"For several years, I'd been having a growing list of nuisance symptoms including chronic, seemingly random food sensitivities that would send me hustling for the bathroom, energy slumps, inability to stay asleep for a full night's rest, brain fog, light anxiety/depression, occasional acidic stomach, dark rings under my eyes, excess weight, etc. I'd been to several main-stream and alternative medical practitioners with little to no improvement. It's now a couple weeks after the 28-day Body Prosperity Program and ALL my symptoms have either disappeared or vastly improved. Now those are exciting results! The best part is The Body Prosperity Program helps you discover how to maintain this optimal health via diet, lifestyle and life direction choices through a supportive, professional and peer Q&A setting to help ensure program success! Did I mention the recipes were delish? I'm glad I gave myself the time and permission necessary to return to the health I'd enjoyed in previous decades."

Shawn A.

Additional Support

With The Body Prosperity Program you have the option to receive dedicated support as part of an exclusive VIP community led by program creators, Dr. Erin Martin and certified health and lifestyle coach Casey Weeks.  Weekly LIVE sessions include mini-masterclasses, coaching, and Q&A sessions. Join a group of dedicated, motivated peers as well as the expert support of the program creators to make being a success a non-negotiable!  (Add-on option at check-out)

Dr. Erin Martin and Casey Weeks, CHC

Registration closes at 11:59 pm PST Tuesday, July 10 Program begins Friday, July 13th


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